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What’s Lip Enhancement?

An in-office cosmetic surgery called lip augmentation makes lips appear bigger and younger. To meet your needs and objectives, there are various forms of lip augmentation available. Certain non-surgical procedures involve utilizing fillers to temporarily perk up the lips. Others require little facial or lip incisions for results that last longer.

What kinds of lip augmentations are there?

There are various kinds of lip augmentations.

Autologous fat injections, also known as fat transfer or fat grafting, involve a cosmetic surgeon purifying fat from another part of your body, usually your stomach, and then injecting it into your lips.
Lip fillers: Also known as dermal fillers, lip fillers are injected into your lips or the area surrounding your mouth by a medical professional.
Lip implants: An implant is placed into your lips by a plastic surgeon after making a little incision in each corner of your mouth.
Lip lift: To lift up your lips, a cosmetic surgeon cuts away extra skin from the corners of your mouth or between your nose and top lip.

What do it Treat?

Cosmetic procedures might help you feel more confident in your smile if you are self-conscious about the appearance of thin, lined, or asymmetrical lips. Through lip enhancement, a qualified cosmetic surgeon can specifically alter the following:
Fill in thin or aging lips with volume
slick, vertical lip lines
Boost the upper and lower lip’s symmetry
Thin or flat lips can be made more voluminous.


Following the fat transfer, your lips will have more volume and a better contour. You’ll see a noticeable difference as soon as you leave the doctor’s office because this treatment has fast results.


The duration of your lip enhancement surgery varies. As an illustration:
Lip fillers have a six-month to a year lifespan.
At least five years pass after fat grafting.
A lip lift is an everlasting procedure.
Although lip implants are permanent, they are always removable.

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