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Botox Sweating Treatment

Botox Sweating Treatment

Hyperhidrosis, also known as excessive sweating, is one of the situations that makes people uncomfortable and unhappy. Generally, people tend to experience excessive sweating locally rather than the whole body. Areas such as hands, feet, and armpits are the most active regions. Not only due to the hot weather but also a little effort or a sudden excitement could cause excessive sweating as well. People who experience excessive sweating under the armpit area may have a stain on their outfit.

As a result, wet appearance and foul smell could negatively affect individuals’ life quality and cause low self-esteem.Furthermore, palm-sweating is as common as armpit sweating. People who sweat on the palms tend to get nervous about shaking hands and do not prefer to hold hands. People who suffer from this phenomenon could get rid of by getting Botox done and consequently increase their self-esteem.



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