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Lymphatic massage

Lymphatic massage

What is lymphatic massage

Lymphatic massage is considered one of the types of massage that has recently become known for its many benefits. The lymphatic system stores fluids from the body, filters them, and then returns them to the blood. The lymphatic system plays an important role in strengthening the body’s immunity. It consists of lymph nodes connected to lymphatic vessels. It can We find many groups or chains of lymph nodes in the neck, under the arms, and in the thighs. Most often, these nodes can be removed through cancer surgery. They may also be treated with radiation in those areas. Each of these treatments hinders the proper flow of fluids. Which leads to permanent swelling and lymphedema.

Lymphatic massage became more popular, and the technical branches of the original Vodder were renewed, giving the exercisers more training. In the 1970s, the German professors Michael and Etelka Voldi did these exercises in a clinic to treat patients and introduced them to therapists, and a school appeared in Arizona for lymphatic drainage therapy (LDT). French doctor Bruno Chicle expanded the techniques of this massage to more than just the lymphatic system

Basic principles of lymphatic massage

The skin is stretched in specific directions through hand movements to strengthen the various pressure movements without the use of oils.

Slow, repetitive movements are used, which include a rest phase that allows the skin to return to its natural shape.

The pressure varies depending on the major tissue in order to strengthen lymphatic drainage.

Areas of fibrosis can be treated by performing deep and frequent movements in conjunction with compression therapy.

Lymphatic drainage is initiated centrally and proximally with treatments that are usually cupped around the neck.

Functional and healthy lymph nodes are dealt with first, followed by the adjacent and contralateral areas and then the ipsilateral areas and lymphedema.

The focus is on treating the anterior and posterior trunk in the early stages before treating the swollen limb.

The combination of breathing techniques used and hand pressure by the therapist enhances the drainage of the lymph nodes deep within the abdomen.

Often, techniques of both limb movement and relaxation are combined for lymphatic drainage, so it is the best massage for relaxation.



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