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What’s Breast Augmentation?

Skin, breast tissue, and fat are removed from the breasts during breast reduction surgery, commonly referred to as reduction mammoplasty. Breast reduction surgery can reduce discomfort and enhance look for people with big breasts.Enhancing one’s capacity to engage in physical activities and one’s self-image may also be possible with breast reduction surgery.Speak with a board-certified plastic surgeon if you are considering breast reduction surgery. It’s critical to comprehend the potential dangers and difficulties associated with breast reduction surgery. Understanding what the procedure can and cannot accomplish is also crucial.

What do it treat ?

The following conditions are associated with big breasts, which are candidates for breast reduction surgery:
persistent shoulder, neck, and back discomfort
Bra strap grooves on the shoulders
Skin discomfort or persistent rash beneath the breasts
nerve discomfort
being unable to participate in particular activities
Large breasts causing a negative self-image
Having trouble slipping into clothes and bras

In general, breast reduction surgery is not advised for those who:

are extremely fat
Would prefer no breast scars
Any age is appropriate for breast reduction surgery, sometimes even as a teenager. However, underdeveloped breasts may require more surgery in the future.


Shoulder, neck, and upper back pain can be relieved with a successful breast reduction procedure. It may also improve one’s capacity for physical activity and foster a more positive self-image.
While the results are immediately apparent, it may take many months for the surgical scars to disappear and for the swelling to totally subside. The end effect typically endures for a very long period. Yet, aging, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, and other conditions can alter the size and contour of the breasts.

Longevity ?

Women who underwent breast reduction surgery before age 25 continue to report lasting benefits 10 to 30 years following the procedure.

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