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Stem Cells

Stem Cells

What’s Stem cells:
Skin Stem Cells Three separate layers, each containing specialized cells, make up our skin. Stem cells come in a variety of forms that help to maintain and heal skin. Thus far, the kinds of cells that produce skin pigment, hair follicles, and the epidermal layer have been discovered by researchers. Simple skin grafts made from these stem cells are already used to restore skin that has been destroyed by illness or trauma, such as severe burns. In order to make skin grafts with the characteristics of healthy skin, researchers plan to find and investigate the different types of skin stem cells.

What does it treat?
Cutaneous stem cells are essential for various processes, including the formation of hair follicles, the creation of melanocytes, and the restoration of skin structures in the state of homeostasis and following accidents.

How does it work?
The stem cells are injected back into the scalp’s injured area after being treated. When these stem cells activate, they can create new follicles and aid in the restoration of normal hair growth in the impacted areas.

Stem Cells VS. Growth Factors

Another aspect of skin care that has gained popularity recently is growth factors. Although stem cells and growth factors seem to accomplish the same things, there is one important distinction. Stem cells generate new cells to replace damaged tissue. Stem cells also produce growth factors, which are present in your blood. Growth factors are essential for healthy cellular turnover since they primarily aid in cell division.

Can The Skin actually benefit from using stem cells?
Although stem cells are beneficial to the skin, customers should use caution when selecting skin care products. Advances in stem cell-based skin care have led to some promises that may be deceptive or not fully factual. Although the qualities of stem cells in skin care products may improve your skin, it’s crucial to understand how they work. Plant-based skin cells found in skincare products are incapable of proliferating into new human skin cells. Rather, the characteristics of skin cells obtained from plants can enhance the skin’s tone and texture while also lessening wrinkles and fine lines.

Results and Longevity:
The promise of stem cell-based skincare products and treatments to address a range of issues and promote skin renewal has drawn attention to them. It’s crucial to remember that individual circumstances, the particular product or treatment utilized, and the state of the skin can all affect the outcomes and lifespan.

Skin Rejuvenation: The goal of stem cell-based skincare is to enhance the appearance, moisture, and texture of the skin. It might lessen the visibility of wrinkles, fine lines, and uneven pigmentation.

Enhanced Healing: It is thought that stem cells possess regenerative qualities that may facilitate the healing of wounds and encourage the development of better skin cells.

Enhanced Skin Health: These products frequently make the promise that they will help the skin’s natural regeneration process, making the complexion stronger and healthier.

Results from stem cell-based skincare products can differ greatly in terms of durability. Among the elements affecting this are:

Product Quality: Depending on the quantity and caliber of active components in a skincare product, a product’s effectiveness may vary.
Consistency: To maintain outcomes, these items or treatments may need to be used on a regular and consistent basis.
Individual Response: The way that skincare products interact with each person’s skin varies. How long the results continue might depend on a number of factors, including skin type, age, lifestyle, and general condition of the skin.
Combination Treatments: Using stem cell-based products in conjunction with other skincare procedures or treatments may improve and extend the outcomes.

Treatment time:
It takes 30-45 days for the cells to grow in the stem cell laboratory approved by Ministry of Health. The first application is performed 30-45 days after the removal of tissue, and the other 2 applications are about 1 month apart. Each application takes about 1 and a half–2 hours.

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