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What’s Breast Lift ?

A plastic surgeon will conduct a breast lift as a surgical operation to alter the shape of the breasts. A plastic surgeon lifts the breasts by excising extra skin and reshaping the breast tissue. Another name for a breast lift is a mastopexy.
If your nipples point downward or your breasts sag, you may decide to get a breast lift. Moreover, a breast lift may improve your confidence and sense of self. Your breast size won’t alter after a breast lift. On the other hand, breast reduction or augmentation can accompany a breast lift.

What do it treat?

As we age, our breasts change. They frequently become softer. Additionally, they lose their elasticity, which prevents the skin from returning to its original shape after being stretched. These types of breast alterations have a variety of causes, such as:
maternity: The ligaments, or bands of tissue, that support the breasts may stretch during pregnancy. As the breasts become heavier and fuller, this occurs. After pregnancy, the stretching may result in sagging breasts. Whether or not you nurse your child, this could still occur.
Weight fluctuates: Stretching of the breast skin may result from weight changes. Additionally, it may result in less elastic breast skin.
gravity:Breast ligaments sag and stretch over time due to gravity.
A breast lift can elevate the nipples and lessen sagging.

How do Breast Lift work ?

In order to raise the breasts and nipples on the chest, a plastic surgeon will remove extra skin and rearrange the breast tissue during a breast lift. Incisions can be made horizontally along the breast creases, downward to the areolae, and around the darker areas surrounding the nipples.


You’ll immediately notice an improvement in the way your breasts look. Over the coming months, their shape will continue to evolve and stabilize.

Scars will first seem lumpy and red. Even though scars are permanent, they will diminish and soften after a year or two. Bras and swimming suits typically cover up scars following breast lifts.

After a breast lift, you may discover that your bra size has decreased slightly. Even if you haven’t had a breast reduction in addition to the treatment, it could still occur. This is only the natural outcome of your breasts getting more round and solid.

Results from a breast lift could not last forever. Your skin will naturally grow less elastic as you get older. There could be some drooping, especially if your breasts are bigger and fuller. Maintaining a steady, healthy weight can aid in holding onto your outcomes.


Though some patients are able to go even longer before needing a revision, women can generally enjoy the effects of a breast lift for 10 to 15 years. This timeframe can be impacted by a variety of factors, including your body’s response to the operation, your lifestyle, and your genetics, as every human body is different and reacts to cosmetic surgery procedures differently.
The lifetime of results from breast lift surgery varies from case to case because of these considerations. But even if you require a revision to achieve the best possible results from your breast lift, the process is still just as safe and efficient as the first time around.

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