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What’s Fat Transfer ?

To assist alter your appearance, fat transfer operations involve injecting fat from one area of your body into another. Any location can have extra fat removed by a plastic surgeon. They typically eliminate fat from your:
Hips and belly.

What can fat transfer help with?

Fat transfer can give your body a more youthful appearance by naturally adding volume to certain regions. In particular, fat transfer can Raise your cheekbones.
Improve your hip-to-waist ratio to sculpt an hourglass figure.
Fill in facial creases, like the ones beneath your eyes.
Expand the size of your posteriors.
After breast cancer, reconstruct your breast and fix any damage.
Lessen the creases on your hands.
heal scars on the face.

What advantages does fat transfer offer?

Due to the fact that fat transfer uses your own tissue rather than an implant, it has several advantages.

Your outcomes appear more authentic.
Since it isn’t a foreign material, the likelihood of experiencing an allergic reaction is decreased.
Additional advantages of fat transfer are as follows:
Since the operation is outpatient, you return home the same day.
You can add volume to tiny body parts, such as the hands and scars from acne.


Fat transfer has permanent effects. You might not get the desired volume, though, as not all fat cells make it through the process. The injected fat cells need to grow a new blood supply and show benefits for around six months.


Although each patient’s effects from fat transfer will last differently, most men and women can generally enjoy their new appearance for many years to come. Preventing major weight fluctuations is arguably the most important thing you can do to extend the results of your fat transfer treatment.

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